Hour of Power (Radio Host)

WLVS Radio show “Hour of Power”

Dr. H.L.Barner is an Author & Radio Host on WLVS Radio listened and viewed at www.listenvisionlive.com each Wednesday at 8 pm.  This is radio you can WATCH.

His show is Dr. H. L. Barner’s Hour of Power, The Global MLM/Network Marketing Show. This is the first and only worldwide radio show broadcasting in in 50 states and 39 countries.

His show’s focus is to promote, train, and support the MLM/Network Marketing industry. His goal is to grow and expand the MLM/Network Marketing Industry with 1 million new home business owners worldwide.

It is important to note that my show is “neutral” and do not promote, favor, show bias, personal interest in any particular MLM/Network Marketing Company. Nor do we recruit or cross recruit business owners to join any company, team, or leader.

The purpose of the show is the following:

  • Speak to potential prospects around the world to why they should start a home business in our industry.
  • Speak to potential prospects that have been presented an opportunity and are currently doing research to make an informed decision to join.
  • To encourage current business owners to hang in there and believe in their leaders and their respective companies.
  • To discourage the posting of negative comments about our industry and other companies on the web and other social media sources.
  • Provide industry training by industry experts, leaders, trainers, tax experts, MLM organizations, MLM Attorneys and motivational speakers. Recently we were blessed to have a local nationally and internationally known Author, Trainer, & Motivational Speaker Dr. Willie Jolley live in our studio. Also we had Mr. William Faucette, Senior Vice President of North American Sales for 5 Linx. And he has already scheduled one of his top leaders in this area to be on the show and scheduled himself to return.
  • He share his knowledge & 38 years of experience in the MLM/Network Marketing Industry. He will personally provide training on prospecting, leadership, overcoming rejection, conducting meetings – one on one, two on one, home meetings, hotels meetings, and so on.
  • Additionally, he encourage business owners to attend conventions, special events, regional trainings, seminars, webinars, conference, and other hosted events by their respective companies.

Hundreds of industry leaders will be invited to come on his show such as ACN, Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Send out Cards, Ambit Energy, OrganoGold, Xango, and so on. We also have on our schedule for early spring Eric Worre, Author of Go Pro and MJ Durkin, the prospecting expert. Because my show is weekly I can on have 2 maybe 3 guests each month therefore, due to huge number of potential guests I am attempting to invite our leaders first