Exponential Concept

Acres of Diamonds, the world first and only Network Marketing Company!

My name is Dr. H.L. Barner, and I want to introduce to you the first and only true Network Marketing in the history of the world. Acres of Diamonds (ADN) is also the first “type” of Mutual Fund Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company in existence designed to create you a permanent downline organization, create generational wealth, and educate & promote the advancement of the Multi-Level Marketing Industry.

About Acres of Diamonds (ADN)

Acres of Diamonds is the first company of its’ kind to provide the Independent Representative and opportunity to own multiple streams of revenue while focus on one company, their “Primary Business Opportunity” or PBO.

Join ADN

How would you like to be a part of a company that is going to racially change how the Network Marketing Industry does business and will put you as the Independent Representative in control of your destiny and this industry?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to give up my current business?


Can I keep my current downline?


Will we be trained on the Network Marketing Industry?


Will we be able to have multiple businesses?


Will you guarantee we can finally earn generational income?


Will we be able to get Acre of Diamonds website?

Yes! Under development now!

Can my upline be in my downlines?


Are you a new company and concept?


Do you really believe you can do this and will not quit on us?

Yes I do and No I will not!

Are you a Christian and Believe Jesus Christ?

Yes we do with all our hearts!

Are there any other companies like this one?

No! Absolutely none!

Do you think this industry will be around 50 years from now?

Yes! I am planning on it!

Will you have MLM Rallies and National Conferences?

Yes! The best you have ever seen!

Does anyone else have control of your company?

NO! I am the sole owner!

I like what I have heard so far! Will be able to recruit others?


Will the be ADN business presentations?

Yes! ADN BPs only!

Will ADN be available nationally and internationally?

Yes! We will be Global!

Can we start tell others about ADN now?


Can my entire downline sign up under me?


Are you for real! This seems to good to be true?

Yes! It is truly good!

I am excited! Can I become a “Charter Diamond Member”?