Expect the Unexpected (review by AC) Five Stars
Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Unfortunately, I had to sleep and go to work. What a book! Very captivating and suspenseful…the storyline grips you. You keep reading to find out what happens, and then the plot twists (again) and teases you to keep on reading. What is so nice about Behind the Door is that the basis of the story is familiar; we know it, but Honney Barner takes what we know and transforms it into a story that stretches the imagination. An easy, but captivating read, written so a person will feel as if he/she is experiencing the story. I agree with the other reader; I think Behind the Door would make a great movie.

Mr. Barner has produced a very thought provoking book … (review by W. Richardson) Five Stars
Mr. Barner has produced a very thought provoking book. While a work of fiction? It gets one to thinking what if? What if things you believed in weren’t true or different than what you were taught. What if all you know was say a dream? This book is an item to get you to thinking, discussing and researching. Who knows it may even bring you closer to the word. Think about it.

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A trip to the Holy Land that changed everything.

Through his twenty years of military service, H.L. traveled all around the world; however, his most exciting trip was to the Holy Land.

He visited all the key biblical cities and sites such as Jerusalem, the Waling Wall, Capernaum, Jericho, the Temple Mount, Mount of Olive, Pool of Bethesda, Cananna, Gethsemane, Galilee, and Golgotha (Calvary Hill).

During his visit, he sailed on the Sea of Galilee, floated in salty Red Sea, swam in the Mediterranean, and was baptized in the Jordan River.

It was during this trip of a lifetime that this story was born.

Behind the Door II
Behind the Door


Meet the Flannigan family of St. Paul, MN. A loving close-knit family with strong Christian values, the Flannigans are as American as apple pie. Luke Flannigan is the Pastor of Living Waters Baptist Church. A large family-oriented church where his son, Brad and his daughter-in-law Angela worship together along with his grandson, Jonathan every Sunday without fail.

World-renowned archeologist, Brad Flannigan is on the brink of discovering something that could change the world, as we know it. As he sets his sights on Ashkelon, Jerusalem for a ground-breaking excavation trip, he encounters more than he could have ever bargained for.

His discovery could cost him his life!

Jonathan Flannigan finds himself on a mission of a lifetime. A devout Christian turned hardened Atheist; he is out to prove something that would mean the difference in a world desperate for anything to believe in. After years of searching, he finally found proof. Will it be the catalyst that he seeks or the thing to destroy everything he’s ever known?


What if there is NO God?

How would that impact or change your life? Would you continue to attend and serve in your place of worship? Would you continue to pay tithes and offerings? Would you continue to follow the moral and ethical teachings of your belief? Would you continue to give mercy, grace and forgiveness to those who offend you?

If there is no hope for eternal life how would you change your life here on earth? What if you had indisputable evidence that there is NO God, would you tell the world? If so, why? If not why?

Behind the Door is a 3 book series that is destined to become a Global Best Seller. A book written for all people regardless of their Faith, Beliefs, Religion, Age, and Gender. This book will make Atheists take a deep breathe.

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