About H.L.

Dr. H. L. Barner, a author, radio host, trainer and motivational speaker.  H.L. is the author of “Let’s Be Honest about MLM/Network Marketing”.  It is a must read!  H.L. is the radio host of “Dr. H. L. Barner’s Hour of Power, The MLM/Network Marketing Show WLVS”, which airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m.  H. L.  is also a leader in the industry of Multiple Level Marketing (MLM/Network Markeing).

Dr. H.L. Barner and his beautiful wife Fran are originally from Portsmouth, Virginia.  They have two wonderful children, son Haven L. Barner and daughter Gabriella Maria Barner.  They are currently living in Stafford, VA.

Dr. H.L. Barner is considered one of the world’s top leaders in the Network Marketing industry.  With over 30 years of Network Marketing experience he has become a premier down-line builder, presenter and trainer.

He was first introduced to this industry shortly after he entered into the military in 1975.  In 1976 he received a few phones extending him invitations to preview a fantastic business opportunity.  He began to wonder how did these people know who he was and how did they know how to find and finally one such caller told him that they had read an article about him in the local news paper with a caption “Soldier has dreams”.  The article went to tell how H.L. is a highly motivated soldier and had big dreams and goals.  And of course H.L. became a big target for every Network Marketer in the community.  Being in the 1970’s the most widely known and popular opportunity of that time was a company name “American Way” or AMWAY.  He caught the bug and had it ever since.